I'm Stephanie, an award-winning fine art photographer based in Dallas, Texas. I studied performing arts at the University of Texas (hook em!) and carry that love of the arts into my photography. I am the mother of two amazing children, Dahlia and Lorenzo, and have been happily married since 2008 to Manuel.  Before photography, I had an amazing career in interactive advertising where I created websites for some of the largest brands in the world.  Chances are you have visited at least one of my sites!

My photography style is deep rooted in my performing arts background. I love creating art that tells a story, that shows movement and takes you to another time and place.  While I pride myself on being able to adapt to just about any situation, my ideal client is fun and  loves a touch of drama and whimsey!

Some quick facts about me
- I’m a retired pageant girl
- I’ve been in a few movies and commercials as a dancer
- I’m addicted to documentaries (and true crime)
- If you see me driving down the road I’ll be blaring Pink or Halsey 
- I always thought I’d grow up to own a dance studio 
- I’m a closet musical theatre junkie (and I think my kids finally discovered me)
- I love all things SciFi
- My favorite part of planning a session is figuring out what to wear!

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Hey, I'm Stephanie!

Here's a snapshot into my world.

A Little Behind The Scenes Of My Life

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my favorite things


Louis Vuitton

Schitts Creek, Buffy, Dr Who, Foundation

Halsey, Snoop Dog

Only Mexico and Italy but hope to change that!

Chocolate Martini, who's coming?

11 years!! OMGeeeeee!

Big D!

University of Texas, College of Theatre and Dance

They make life interesting, needless to say.   I love being a momma!  Dahlia is my little fashionista and social butterfly! Enzo is my math genius who still loves to snuggle his momma!

Dahlia & Enzo

these two

People always ask me if I get baby fever working with newborns.  Nope.  It's not the newborns that get me, it's the 6 month olds!  They make me weak! So so weak!!

lorenzo, 6 months

6 month olds

Disney junkie here.  Not ashamed!

Disney World orlando,fl

all things disney

My Favorite Things